Business stepping up: From profit to purpose

Many businesses are stepping up to a new role, often with partners, to tackle social and economic challenges. Corporations are seeking to build legitimacy – and the license to operate – in the eyes of demanding consumers, employees and stakeholders who care about the impact and motivations of companies with whom they associate. But it’s also good business as companies realize mutual benefits with society. Look for more businesses redefining their corporate purpose in this way.


(via USPS Sustainability Video: Blue and Brown Make Green)

Pretty interesting video with the CEOs of UPS and US Postal Service - which are really fierce competitors - collaborating to save costs and energy, together. Made me think!

Can data geeks save the record labels? | Media Network |

He believes that the future of the music industry is bright, but only once the labels get over their obsession with selling “bits of plastic” for £10 or more.

Gerd adds: I think it’s beyond repair , frankly ;)

Business and humanity are not separate to nature | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian

"Our current business approach (with its immense power to fuel problems as well as deliver solutions) is neither balanced nor holistic but a continuation in reductionist thinking that is anthropocentric in its belief and behaviour"
Gerd comments: totally spot-on, couldn’t have said it better myself :)

New slideshow by Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard: the Future of The Internet: Big Data, SoLoMo, Privacy, Human Machines?


This is the edited PDF of my presentation at the Online Information Conference 2012 see Everybody is talking about ‘data is the new oil’ aka big-data. SoLoMo (social local mobile) is the battle cry of the day. Human-machine interfaces are rapidly evolving and may quickly become commonplace (think Google Glasses, MSFT Kinect), artificial intelligence is the geek-phrase-of-the-day, and Kurzweil says the singularity is near/here. So how will our world really change in the next 5 years, i.e. the way we communicate, get information, create, buy and sell, travel, live and learn? What are the biggest threats and the hottest opportunities - not just in financial terms, but also in societal and human terms? Futurist Gerd Leonhard will share his foresights and explore the key ‘networked society’ scenarios.
Branson thinks of one of his favorite sayings when advising about taking business risks: “‘The brave may not live forever—but the cautious do not live at all!’”

You can take the cult out of culture -

But take care, and remember: a healthy culture is usually open to challenge from its followers; a cult never is. All together now.