Please join me for this debate - should be great fun. Andrew Keen - often called the Anti-Christ of Silicon Valley - is a long-time colleague of mine and even though we don’t agree on a lot of things he puts forth about in his 2 most recent books (The Cult of the Amateur, and the newest Digital Vertigo) I respect his work a lot - don’t miss this; sparks are sure to fly. Attendance is limited to 100 people so sign up early (and be sure to log-in at least 20 mins before showtime:)

JOIN US: July 19th free webinar: Future of Media: Mobile, Social, Cloud & Paid? #Futurists @rossdawson @gleonhard #futmedia

Ross and Gerd have spend the past 10 years researching, writing and speaking about the future of media & content, and have worked with over 150 clients in 27 countries on many of the key topics such as monetization and new, web-native business models, curation and filtering, the global shift to mobile devices and what it really means for media, the dramatic convergence of Internet and television, the move from media ownership to cloud access (such as in books or print), the future of advertising (and whether it can fund media productions), crowd-sourcing, UGC and social media, and much more. In this free webinar, Ross and Gerd will present 5 key points on the future of media (print, tv, films, music etc) each - approx. 20 minutes in total - and then take questions from the participants (via the chat functions or twitter). The goal is to have an in-depth, ad-hoc conversation that involves the participants as much as possible