PDFs, audio and video from the July 17 2012 webinar on the Future of Media (Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Ross Dawson)



Today’s webinar on The Future of Media was a really fun event. We reveived many great questions from the audience (roughly 50 people were online), and had some very much ad-hoc and real-time interactions using the pretty cool GoToMeeting tools (even thought we would have liked a live video feed that feature is almost always very problematic and instabil)

You can download the MP3 file (iPhone, iTunes etc) with the entire conversation here. Gerd’s PDF is available for download here (20 MB high res), and Ross’s PDF is here.  Both are provided under creative commons attribution non-commercial license, as usual.

Update: we now have full video and audio versions available via Gerd’s MediaFuturist blog, here, and on Youtube.

Here is the complete video:

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Open vs Closed Systems: where is it going? Futurists Gerd Leonhard & Ross Dawson discuss (by gleonhard)

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